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Kitchens Customer Journey

Step 1: Enquiry

Upon contacting Hampton Group, we shall arrange an initial visit for one of our Designers to inspect and survey your property. This includes a consultation whereby we discuss the desired style, materials, appliances, and budget. Please note- This consultation is provided free of charge.

Step 2: CAD and quote

Within 5 working days we will produce your bespoke CAD and quotation for your review. This review will be presented by our Designer in our Showroom Design Centre.

Step 3: Tailoring and amendments

Post presentation we will make any required changes to the CAD and quotation to ensure cost clarity and design satisfaction.

Step 4: Order confirmation

When you are happy to proceed, we will talk you through our contract terms, payment schedule and conditions. We will then ask you to sign your contract.

Step 5: Project planning & schedule

A detailed handover takes place involving your assigned Project Manager and our Operations Manager. A project schedule is then compiled.

Step 6: Final measure, booking & production

A final measure will take place and then our Projects Team will liaise with you and book an installation date. Once the installation date has been confirmed, our Factory Production Manager will schedule the manufacturing date of your kitchen.

Step 7: Installation day

Installation day arrives. We will install your bespoke Hampton kitchen and you will see your vision come to life!

Step 8: Review & feedback

Your Designer will visit you post install to ensure all is well. Driven by client satisfaction any feedback at this point is always warmly received.